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Important roadworks information: A1307 Spittals to Fenstanton

A1307 Spittals to Fenstanton Biodiversity Improvements

I am writing to tell you that we plan to carry out work to improve the biodiversity at 12 sites along the A1307 between Spittals Interchange and Fenstanton. The sites are currently in a poor condition and require improvement to help them thrive. This will include rotovating the sites and planting new greenery to mature and grow over the coming months.

We plan to complete the work overnight on weeknights between 8pm and 6am, weather conditions permitting.

Details of the closures can be found in the table below:

Monday 9 January and Tuesday 10 January (2 nights)J25 Hemingford Abbots – Westbound lane 1 on the approach to J25, eastbound exit slip road and westbound entry slip roadTraffic will be diverted along the A1307 to Godmanchester interchange, turn around and re-join the eastbound carriageway and exit at New Road for Hemingford Abbots. For traffic coming from local roads (New Road, Rideaway) intending to join A1307 Westbound, the diversion goes through Junction 26, turn around and re-join the westbound carriageway, followed yellow diverted traffic signs.
Wednesday 11 January (1 night)J26 St Ives – Eastbound lane 1 on the approach to J26, eastbound exit slipEastbound traffic will be diverted via St Ives Road, re-join the A1307 westbound to
Thursday 12 January and Friday 13 January (2 nights) Monday 16 January to Wednesday 18 January (3 nights)J26 St Ives – Westbound lane 1 on the approach to J26, Westbound exit slip road and Westbound entry slip roadWestbound traffic will be diverted along the A1307 to A14 Swavesey Northern Roundabout, turn around and re-join the A1307 to use the westbound J26 exit slip road.
Monday 23 January to Thursday 26 January (4 nights)J27 Fenstanton – Westbound lane 1 on the approach to J27, westbound exit slip road and eastbound entry slip roadFor access to Fenstanton, westbound traffic will be diverted along the A1307 to J26, turn around and re-join the A1307 to exit from the eastbound slip road. To travel westbound from Fenstanton, traffic will be diverted along the A1307 to Swavesey Northern Roundabout, turn around and re-join the A1307 westbound.

We will write to you again in February to update you on other locations.

How to find out more

Further information on this work including maps of the diversion routes can be found on our website here https://nationalhighways.co.uk/our-roads/east/east-road-maintenance-work/

To find out more about road improvements we’re carrying out across the East of England, please visit our website at https://nationalhighways.co.uk/our-work/east/.

If you would like more information, please contact us on 0300 123 5000, or by email at info@nationalhighways.co.uk.

Councillor Surgeries

Starting this coming Saturday the 7th January for a trial period, your Parish Council will be operating Saturday surgeries from 10am – 12pm at The Hub, 6 High Street. This is an opportunity for Parishioners to pop in to discuss any issues or concerns they may have. Please pop in and say Hello!

Saturday 7th JanuaryCllr M HewittCllr T Yates
Saturday 21st JanuaryCllr R McGeeCllr S Collison
Saturday 4th FebruaryCllr P HayesCllr A Mustill
Saturday 18th FebruaryCllr G PrykeAnd another to be agreed

Village Hall update


  Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) recognises the importance of healthy and active lifestyles and from October 1 2022, the ‘Undefeatables [Diabetes] Scheme’ that launched in 2021, will now support people with cancer, lung disease, long term anxiety and depression.   The scheme was set up to help those with long-term health conditions to be more active through it’s in-house leisure provider, One Leisure. ‘Undefeatables’ is a discounted membership for a period of nine months, which includes activities such as badminton, squash, cyclone (indoor cycling), the gym, fitness classes, and swimming, amongst other targeted activities delivered across One Leisure.   The extension to the scheme means that you can now get help and support to manage your condition and lead a healthy lifestyle if you are currently inactive (undertaking less than 30 minutes of physical activity and/or exercise) and diagnosed with certain long-term health conditions, including diabetes (type 1 and 2), pre-diabetic/non-diabetic hyperglycaemia, lung conditions, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer and long-term depression/anxiety (6 months plus). Applicants can complete an online form and will be informed within 10 working days if they have been accepted onto the scheme. Executive Councillor for Leisure, Waste and Street Scene, Councillor Simone Taylor, said: “This is an exciting extension to the current scheme and will also allow more individuals who are diagnosed with a long-term health condition to live a healthier lifestyle.   “It will help those many individuals to manage their condition as well as incorporate exercise into their daily routine.   “It is also a great opportunity to be able to access our fitness centres across the District with trained staff that can support an individuals needs.”   To find out more information about the scheme visit www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk/undefeat  

Financial Accounts and Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for FY 2021/22

Help Shape the District Council’s Climate Strategy

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) is calling on residents to take part in dedicated ‘Climate Conversation’ focus groups that will help shape the District Council’s Climate Strategy.

The focus groups, which take place online from Monday  3 October, will build on the results of the Climate Conversation survey  completed  by local residents  and businesses  at the start of the year.

We will be exploring two key topics the relationship between climate change and where we live for example how can we prepare the places where we live and work for the impact of climate change? As well as the impact of how we live exploring themes including how we reduce how much energy we use, how can we reduce  the impact  of how  we get  around, and how we can reuse and recycle. The focus groups will be an open discussion about what support  local people need to make changes and tackle climate change. The sessions  will also cover what changes residents would like to see from the District Council.

The findings of these focus groups will also help support Huntingdonshire Futures – a new strategy that will shape a vision for the future of the district by incorporating  People, Place, the Economy and Environment.

Focus groups will take place on:

Monday 3 October at 7pmWhere we live: How can we prepare the places where we live and work for the impact of climate change?
Tuesday 4 October at 7pmWhere we live: How can our  natural environment, our green and blue spaces, help us tackle climate change?
Wednesday 5 October at 7pmHow we  live:  How  can  we  reduce  how  much  energy we use? How can we reuse and recycle to reduce the amount of waste we create?
Thursday 6 October at 7pmHow we live: How can we reduce the impact  of how  we get around?   How can we work together  as a community to tackle climate change?

Anyone who would like to join a focus group session  should  visit  the Huntingdonshire Futures Eventbrite page and register. The session will last about an hour, and as a thank you for their time all participants will be entitled to claim a £10 shopping voucher.

Executive Councillor for Climate and Environment at Huntingdonshire District Council, Councillor Lara Davenport-Ray, said: “We all want to live in an environment  that is green and clean, so we are urging our residents to  get involved in these focus groups  and have their say to help us shape the Climate Strategy for Huntingdonshire.

“By developing this new strategy, we are laying the foundations for a stronger future for everyone across the district. It’s really important that we develop the Climate Strategy as a shared endeavour through ongoing and meaningful engagement with the community.”

If you don’t have access to the internet or would prefer to engage in a different way please contact Israel from the project team on 07498449747 You can find out more about the Huntingdonshire District  Council’s  approach  to tackling climate change and moving towards a net zero Huntingdonshire by 2040 here.

To find out more, visit the Climate Conversation page of HDC’s website.

Town and Parish Council update on Huntingdonshire Futures

Huntingdonshire Futures is a new strategy that will shape a vision for the future of the District. Residents can have their say by coming along to the following events or by visiting http://www.huntingdonshirefutures.net. More events will be shared in due course.

Avian influenza in the wild bird population in Huntingdonshire

Financial accounts and Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for FY 2021/22

Booking the MUGA during the holiday period

During the holiday period the Parish Council Office will be closed and email confirmation of bookings and access codes may be delayed. Consequently, if you are booking the MUGA for immediate (same day) access, please text 07542 681976.