New Luton Airport flight stacking proposals – have your say – updates and consultation plans

MP update and consultation

Huntingdonshire District Council consultation

The National Air Traffic Service (NATS) have recently launched a consultation exercise on plans to make alterations to the flight paths and holding pattern arrangements for Luton airport. These changes are being made in order to provide clear separation of the air traffic for Luton and Stansted airports, which currently overlap.

As the proposed flight paths are to the south of our district, there is likely to be little impact in Huntingdonshire. However, the plans also include a new holding pattern for the airport which is intended to be over the south-western corner of Huntingdonshire (broadly circling round the line of the A1 from St Neots to Alconbury). The intention is that aircraft in the holding zone will be flying at a height of over 8,000 feet and the consultation document sets out a position that this will not present a nuisance, either in terms of noise or pollution.

A web site, with “walk around” facility, video presentations and detailed information on the proposals has been set up by NATS and can be accessed here:

NATS are also holding some open sessions by webinar and interested parties can book on to these from within the web site. It is also possible to make comments on the proposals on the web site, if you would like to do so. Should the Parish Council wish to make representations, I would encourage you to use this site as individual representations from local communities often carry more weight than a “petition” approach. Huntingdonshire District Council is planning to discuss the proposals at the Overview and Scrutiny meeting and Cabinet in January and, if considered necessary, comments will be submitted to NATS via the route mentioned above.

If you would like any comments from the Parish Council to be included in this process in addition to any comments you are submitting individually, please e-mail me at before 15th December 2020.

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Finlay Flett Operations Manager (People) Community Services Huntingdonshire District Council finlay.flett

NATS consultation

A public consultation on new arrival flightpaths into London Luton Airport has been launched this month, and to invite you to a virtual meeting with London Luton Airport and NATS representatives to find out more about what this might mean for your residents. Sessions will be held on the following dates – please let us know which you would prefer to attend:

30th October, 2-3pm
3rd December, 10-11am
5th January, 11am-12pm

Currently, Stansted and Luton airports share arrival holds and routes. It is unique for two major airports of this size to share arrival routes, and the two airports are now handling much more traffic than the airspace was designed for.

Although the amount of air traffic has fallen as a result of COVID-19, the need to change the airspace remains. Unless we do something now, the intensity of air traffic control workload may become unsustainable in the longer term as the industry recovers, meaning more congestion and more delay in order to maintain safety.

The ‘AD6 arrivals change’ proposal will separate the arrival flows for the two airports and establish a new hold for Luton traffic. Both Stansted and Luton currently suffer from knock-on delays where any delay at one airport, either in the air or on the ground, impacts the other and can cause further delay, noise and emissions. Separating the routes will maintain a safe and predictable path into each airport and reduce these knock-on delays. Despite the current crisis this airspace is some of the busiest and most congested in Europe, and the proposed change will ensure Luton airspace operates effectively and efficiently into the future.

This consultation is an opportunity for your residents to help shape that proposal. The formal consultation website, which contains a full Virtual Exhibition with more information and helpful materials, can be accessed here.

We would be very pleased you could join one of our virtual meetings on 30th October, 3rd December or 5th January to find out more about the proposals and how constituents can have their say.

If you are able to attend please RSVP to and we will send you a virtual meeting invitation to your chosen session


Local communities may be affected by noise as airlines will see a change to the routes they fly’ says operations director at Luton London Airport.

The proposals have been put forward by LLA and National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and ‘holding stack’ and the airport admits people living in Huntingdon, St Ives, Alconbury could be affected by the noise.

Plans have been announced by London Luton Airport’s (LLA) to create a ‘holding stack’ above the skies of Huntingdon.

The proposal is part of a 15-week public consultation to help determine new arrival routes for flights into LLA, which runs until Feb 5th 2021

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