Local conferences related to recent flooding

Huntingdonshire District Council is bringing together all relevant parties to look into the lessons learned from the recent flooding and put in place actions to minimise damage and disruption from future incidents. Your Parish Council has been invited to participate. We are asking for information from the community on both actual flooding incidents and ‘near misses’ in Fenstanton to include in the conference.

Please contact the Parish Clerk on clerk@fenstantonparishcouncil.org.uk, 01480 465300, or by adding comments to this post.

Further information below:

Purpose: to bring together key local representatives to see what lessons we can learn from the recent events and the plan for a coordinated recovery in a way that reduces future risks of this happening again. Also coordinating the ongoing issues which form part of the clear up operations.

Proposed attendees: County and District Councillors; Chairman and clerk of the Parish/ Town Council; representatives of the category one emergency planning agencies and those deployed during the recent floods – Environment Agency, County Council, District Council, Fire and Rescue service; voluntary sector representatives(to manage numbers this should be limited to the primary groups locally active during the flooding). Where the local councillor is not appointed the local Independent Drainage Board it is suggested that a representative is invited to join also. It is anticipated that as District Councillors you will be the voice of your communities.

Proposed locations: all of the meetings will be virtual, but they will be based on a specific location, and the criteria is those places where homes were flooded either through the surface water incidents pre-Christmas and then those from watercourses during and after Christmas.

Timing: from 6th January with a maximum of 3 hours per meeting, aiming to run them simultaneously where we can so that we can do all of the meetings in two days so that we capture the information whilst it is fresh in peoples’ minds.

3 Comments on “Local conferences related to recent flooding

  1. My parents who reside at 7 Hall Green Lane had a very near miss with the recent floods.
    They are both elderly and my father is registered as disabled.
    He is also currently clinically vulnerable and has been advised by the government to shield once again.

    Being his daughter and one of his carers, I wanted to express the worry and anxiety felt about the water levels they experienced during 23rd – 25th December.

    Yours sincerely
    Clare Buckfield

  2. The flooding that occurs on the corner of Church Lane opposite number 8 is related to an ongoing issue with the road gully which has been an issue for over one and half years. On numerous occasions the highways agency has promised to undertake an investigation into this issue but to date nothing has been completed. This has been reported to our local councillor who suggested that we equip the houses effected with flood protection rather than pressing the highways agency to resolve this issue even though he is the chairman of this committee.
    I have mailed the Clerk separately so that further information will be available if required.

  3. I live at the bottom of Honey Hill, the levels were as high as I have ever seen and inch’s from significant damage to property. I do think it was exceptional rain fall and the impact of the likes of Hilton draining to Hall Green brook and the river rising caused significant pressure for the brook to burst its banks. However the built up path on the far side of the brook means the flooding impacts residential areas before finally bursting into agricultural land. I can’t help feeling if this was addressed the pressure would be less on the village.
    Steve Mann
    30 Honey Hill

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