Update on Clock Tower and Village Pond works

Maintenance on the Clock Tower started this week, and work is progressing well. The scaffolding is now fully constructed, and the doors have been repaired.

Full painting and electrical maintenance will be carried out over the next few weeks. Repairs to the Clock are also being undertaken, and the hammer to the bell was removed on Friday for a full inspection and service.

Work on the Pond is scheduled to start in early Feb. The invasive weed will be cleared, a nicospan wall will be used to build a retaining area into which the dredged material will be placed and the lining of the pond will be repaired.

Once settled and refilled, a new planting regime using coir rolls, will be deployed. New metal fencing, matching the bollards around the Clock Tower, will be installed and the grassed area to the rear will be improved, with new seating installed.

Your Parish Council will also be installing 2 historical information signs, outlining the history of the Clock Tower and Pond area. We hope that this will breathe new life into what is an iconic and much-loved part of the village.

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  1. Excellent work being carried out here. Well done to all those involved in this project.

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