New cycleway and footpath from Fenstanton to Cambridge, via Swavesey North.

This work will see the continuation of the foot & cycle path that currently runs from Cambridge to Swavesey North roundabout. It will run adjacent to the A1307 eastbound between Fenstanton and the Swavesey North roundabout.

Once complete, Fenstanton will have a new full non-motorised user route to Cambridge.

The team from the A14 Integrated Delivery, working on behalf of Highways England and in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council will start work on Thursday 25 February. It will require the temporary closure of Cambridge Road, Fen Drayton for three weeks.

7 Comments on “New cycleway and footpath from Fenstanton to Cambridge, via Swavesey North.

  1. If you’d be going to Cambridge, wouldn’t you just use the Busway? Shame they didn’t improve access to that from other villages (either side of the river) and raise the parts of the path that flood regularly. Would have been a much nicer route, rather than cycling alongside a dual carriageway. Sure there must be a reason for it though?

    • I couldn’t agree more, this money would be much better spent on further improvements to the recently upgraded bridle way to make it raised and fully flood proof with an improved surface together with drainage ditches either side. However I suspect that this particular path was incorporated into the A14 improvements by Highways England and therefore completely separate to the path connecting to the bus way.

    • The issue appears to be that if they extended the height of the path by the busway the water that currently floods would flood elsewhere locally as its all very low lying and this was deemed unacceptable when they designed it. The route along the A1307 won’t flood so its a more practice solution and gives you the option to do a commute loop flooding permitting.

  2. That’s great. Can’t wait to use it. Although the guided base route takes you to Cambridge, its often flooded because it’s appalling design flaws.

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