Managing the flood risk in Fenstanton

Please help us.

Your Parish Council is liaising closely with a range of agencies and bodies, including Cambs County Council, Hunts District Council, Anglia Water, the Highways Agency and the Environment Agency, as well as surrounding Parish Councils to minimise the risk to Fenstanton of future flooding events.

A Fenstanton flood emergency plan is being drawn up, which will be available in due course.

From early findings, looking at historic events and the recent flooding incidents over Christmas and New Year, the view being investigated is that whilst certain events, such as the river flooding, are natural phenomena, other flooding experienced is as a result of recent man-made changes, such as the the construction of the new A14 and new housing developments. In addition, poorly maintained, blocked and damaged drains and gullies have contributed to localised flooding.

To fully understand the way water enters and leaves Fenstanton, your Parish Council is in the process of mapping all drains and watercourses, including the locations and condition of all entry and exit points, with a view to drawing up a regular inspection and maintenance programme with the agencies responsible….. and this is where we need your help.

If you are aware of the location of drains and gullies, whether in public or private areas, please let us know via the link below, in particular if these are blocked or appear to be broken/damaged.

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