Fenstanton Parish Council: Traffic Update

In light of recent concern regarding traffic and parking in the village, your Parish Council wanted to reassure residents of all that we are doing to improve road safety and parking in the village.

1. Your Parish Council (FPC) has recently applied for significant funding from Huntingdonshire District Council to introduce a number of road safety measures for the A1307 Cambridge Slip Road. Although this application was rejected, FPC continues to work with District and County Council to lobby for improvements to the road.

2. In November 2020, FPC applied for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the High Street, which would legally reduce the speed limit down the High Street to 20mph. FPC continue to work with the County Council whilst the application is reviewed.

3. FPC will be redeploying a Speed Indication Device on Cambridge Road. This follows extensive data collection and surveys that were carried out last year. FPC will look to redeploy the Speed Watch Team when safe to do so.

4. We have applied for Local Highways Initiative (LHI) funding to install parking bays down Chequer Street, help alleviate congestion, and improve accessibility.

5. Following the upgrade to the Clock Tower and Village Pond, your Parish Council will be working with local businesses, residents and vehicle users to review parking around the area.

In addition, the recent white lining on the High Street, to clearly indicate speed bumps, was carried out by CCC as a result of a request (pressure) from your parish council.

The Parish Council continues to work tirelessly – often behind the scenes – on traffic, parking, and many other matters to make Fenstanton an even better place to live. Our next Parish Council meeting will be held on Zoom on Thursday 11th March at 19.00 where HGV monitoring, and updates on the traffic initiatives in progress will be discussed. Parishioners are welcome to attend the meeting by contacting the Parish Clerk via clerk@fenstantonparishcouncil.org.uk.

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