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  1. I welcome the village being tidied up, but the Clock Tower urgently needs weeding & maintained. There is still a floor light missing. The planters are very nice but purely cosmetic.

    • Hi Joni
      The initial contractor for the lights has let us down. We are in the process of arranging for a local electrician to step in. Hopefully, this should be resolved very shortly.

      There is a general clear up of the clock tower and surrounding area planned.

  2. It would appear the Parish Council has money to burn. Will the Parishioners be informed of the costs incurred by what appears as mere beautification of the village, when drains continue to be blocked, pavements are treacherous & dog faeces continues to be an issue?

    • Hi Joni
      We share your frustrations. Unfortunately the Parish Council does not have responsibility for or authority to sort out drains and pavements, or other issues such as parking and speeding, we can only lobby The County Council.
      On issues such as dog faeces, we have put in a number of new bins over recent times (if there are other locations you can suggest, please let us know) and can only try to educate dog owners and walkers. At this stage we have no power to enforce, that currently lies with the District Council.

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