Applications for services

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Parish Council grants

S137 and S19 Grant applications are welcomed from all clubs, societies and community organisations based in the Parish. Typically considered by your Parish Council in October/November each year, with successful awards made in December.

Full details, including an application form, can be downloaded here.

Additionally, suggestions and applications for support under S106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) can be made at any time. These are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact the Parish Clerk.

Request for a burial plot

During the current Covid-19 crisis the pre-purchase of plots has been suspended. During this period we are only allocating new plots to registered undertakers.

Contact the Parish Clerk

Request to use Parish Council assets and resources

For both the use of assets managed by the Parish Council, for example, the Clock Tower area to hold events, or the use of equipment, for example, Speedwatch, litter picking, ride on mower.

Contact the Parish Clerk

Request to access Parish Council records

Your Parish Council holds the burial records for the open part of the graveyard. Records for the closed part of the Cemetry are held by the Parish Church.

All Parish records, including minutes of Parish Council meetings, are held for a minimum of seven years

Contact the Parish Clerk

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