Fenstanton Friendship Club

The club was founded in 1949, last year we celebrated our 70 year anniversary. Over the years, the club has had various names, five years ago, the name became, “Fenstanton Friendship Club”, in an effort to include all age groups. Membership numbers have varied but as of now there around forty members registered. Unfortunately we have lost many of our of male members due to illness, moving etc and would love to boost the numbers.

We meet every other Wednesday in the building of the United Reformed Church in Chequer Street. We start at 2.00 pm and finish around 4.00 pm after refreshments. Usually, around 25, in attendance. We pay £2.00 for every meeting attended with an optional 50p for a raffle ticket. The yearly fee is £10.00, due the first meeting in March. For this, speakers, entertainment, outings, garden centre trip for a cream tea is included. We have a strawberry tea and Christmas party tea also. The speakers are varied and cover a wide range of interests. Entertainers too, have been varied, singers, choirs, magician, ventriloquist, clown and other musical groups. Outings include lunches at the Marina, trips on the Ladybird boat. Pantomime at Burgess hall and a group have been on holiday to Eastbourne. Any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

We would welcome anyone who would like to come along and check us out. Obviously, it is not known when we will resume with our meetings. Each month there is an announcement in “Spectrum”.

Any enquires to Marie Newns 01480 350677