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Multi-use games area (MUGA) – open for bookings

The construction of the new Multi Use Games Area is complete.

The resource, funded from a grant from the A14 Legacy Fund, will be managed by your Parish Council and shared by the school and Fenstanton community.

During school hours the school will have exclusive use. At all other times, the Fenstanton Community will have free access, for both organised groups or casual play.

To check availability and to book, please click on the link above.

Cambridgeshire Road Victims Trust – Memorial Service – Sunday, 21st November 2021

New Bench by the water

For your information, the new bench overlooking Moore Lake has been installed on the footpath at the top of the Fen

Latest newsletter – Sept 2021

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) – update

After a delay resulting from materials supply problems, work on the MUGA is now scheduled to start on Thursday, 9th September.

The construction work will take approximately 2 weeks. The playing area will then need 3-4 weeks to fully harden, with line painting to follow.

Prior to the ground work starting, the contractor will be setting up the area: plant and equipment will be stored on the playing field car park, an access corridor from the car park to the outdoor gym area and security fencing/ barrier within the school grounds.

To facilitate this, the car park will be closed from Wednesday, 8th September and access to the footpath running along the school/playing field diverted.

Materials and equipment will be arriving from the morning of Thursday, 9th, so there may be localised disruption and increased noise along local access roads. Please bear with us for a few days.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your Parish Clerk.

Latest newsletter – August 2021

Waterways and flooding – how much do you understand about Riparian Rights?

Your Parish Council is currently working closely with a number of agencies to draw up a Fenstanton Flood Resilience Plan. This includes working in partnership with Cambs County Council, the Lead Flood Authority in the County.

As part of CCC’s Community Flood Action Programme, it is updating its riparian guidance document to make it more useful for those living next to a watercourse. As this document is aimed at residents and landowners, we wish to seek your views and get a better understanding of your awareness of riparian issues. CCC has prepared a short survey (5 questions).

A link to the survey is here: https://forms.office.com/r/5HQbNqGtba We plan to keep the survey open until 30th September.

In addition, we would be grateful of any photos you may have of watercourses in and around Fenstanton, to include in the guidance document and on-line mapping we are using.

If anyone would like to submit photos, please email them to clerk@fenstantonparishcouncil.org.uk describing the location and include your name for crediting purposes.

Thank you

Fenstanton Parish Council

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New Cycle rack by the Clock Tower

Parishioners are encouraged to use the newly-fitted bike rack at the Clock Tower, part of your Parish Council’s wider push to encourage non-motorised travel around the village.

We would like to apologise to residents for any disruption around the Clock Tower today.

The Clock Tower will also be benefiting from new information signs and planters, which were meant to be delivered today but delayed by approximately two weeks due to Covid-related staff absence at the manufacturers.

Cutting the grass verges along the Fen – this week.

A local landowner and farmer, Chris Behagg, has confirmed that he will kindly cut the verges along the Fen Bridleway this week. Please be aware of localised disruption.

Your Parish Council would like to thank Chris for offering to do the verge cutting, it is very generous and much appreciated.